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Site: About Sports Medicine

Tips for Better Abs
If you want to develop a stronger, flatter midsection, you arenít 
alone. It is one of the most exercised body parts. But to develop great abs you need more than exercise....

Take the Poll: Why Do You Work Out?
Everyone works out for their own reasons. Why do you 
exercise? Why do others? Take the poll and find out....

Cold Weather Exercise Tip: How to Layer Clothing

Stay warm and dry during cold weather exercise by wearing a 
base, mid and outer layer of clothing....

A Pain in The Foot - Treating Plantar Fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of pain on the 
bottom of the heel. Usually indicated by pain in the first steps 
of the morning. Pain also occurs with the onset of activity such 
as walking and running, which...

Are Athletes Born or Built?
Genetics shape us in many ways including our potential to 
excel in a sports. How important are genetics in athletic 

Public Library of Science Medicine
A new online medical journal will make its research articles 
available to the public free of charge. The Public Library of 
Science Medicine (PLoS Medicine) is an international open-
access peer-reviewed medical journal. Check out the 
inaugural issue of PLoS Medicine....

Sports Psychology Tip: Maintaining and Regaining Focus
Anyone involved in competitive (or even friendly) sport has 
probably learned first hand that dwelling on what has just gone 
wrong or worrying about what might happen next can 
negatively affect performance. Centering is a technique that 
allows athletes to...

Exercise Videos and DVDs for Pregnant Women
Continuing to exercise during pregnancy can help you adjust to 
the rigors of pregnacy and labor, as well as get back into 
shape after your baby is born. These videos/DVDs provide 
some great exercises you can do at home....

Speed Training
Check out this sample workout for improving sprint 
performance that can be applied to any sport. It's also a reat 
way to do some interval training....

Fighting Fat Gain: Strategies That Can Make a Difference
Three great tips for athlete's who want to avoid weight gain. 
Information about how calcium, breakfast and high fiber foods 
can prevent fat gain and aid weight control....

Top 10 Balance and Proprioception Training Products
Balance and proprioception exercise and skills training have 
been shown to improve performance as well as prevent some 
injuries in certain athletic populations. The following training 
products may be a nice addition to your current training 

Balance Board Training May Reduce Ankle Sprains
A recent study adds to the evidence to support the use of 
balance training to prevent recurrent ankle sprains in athletes. 
The study, published in the September Issue of The American 
Journal of Sports Medicine concluded that a proprioceptive 

Dealing with Performance Anxiety
Many athletes perform their best during training or practice and 
find that they choke during competition. If this happens to you 
take heart because there are some simple steps you can take 
to overcome such anxiety....

Deconditioning - How Fast Do I Lose Fitness When I Stop 
Deconditioning, or losing fitness, when you stop training due 
to illness or injury is one of the 5 principles of conditioning. 
The principle of use/disuse refers to the 'use it or lose it' 
concept. However, how quickly you lose fitness...

Ten Gift Ideas for Runners
If you are looking for the perfect gift for the runner in your life, or 
a new running accessory for yourself, here are some unusual, 
inventive and standard "must-have" running products....

Synflex for Athletes




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