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Dog Food for Dogs with Arthritis 
02/13/04 Administrator

The Federal Government (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) does not mandate that ingredients used in pet food be inspected. A handful of states do impose that requirement on manufacturers but they are the minority. So where does that leave you? 

Most of the “quality” pet food manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to inspect ingredients to ensure what they perceive as “high quality.” Since inferior ingredients will leave a pet with a weakened immune system, it is important for those suffering from arthritis conditions be fed quality food. That would lead you to the conclusion that if you want the best, you have to “buy the best.” 

If quality food is an issue when dealing with arthritis in pets and your budget is stretched to the limit, the first stop is usually at one of those large discount warehouse stores. Usually, you will find quality pet foods in bulk that don’t break your wallet. 

The Raw Food Option 

Even if you do not have financial considerations, a raw-food diet (or, one that is included in your regular feeding) is an excellent choice. As we all know, dogs and cats who live in the wild eat raw food on a regular basis. Including it in your feeding regimen is a great idea. 

Raw foods contain the vitamins and minerals that are necessary to assist in building strong immune functions and managing osteoarthritis. As well, raw foods are full of living enzymes that cooking normally destroys. Let’s look at this simple example of what we are talking about. 

The enzyme protease breaks down protein; amylase acts on starch and lipase digests fats. These very substances also assist in preventing arthritis. The bottom line is that good, solid nutrition supports healthy joints and enzymes guarantee that joints receive sufficient nourishment. 

Using the guidelines for 1/3 quantities outlined above, it is very easy to prepare some simple, inexpensive raw food meals that will help to ensure that your pet maintains a healthy joint profile.