Synflex (Syn-Flex) Liquid Glucosamine For Osteoarthritis relief.

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  Glucosamine - Side Effects

 Glucosamine Side Effects

 Glucosamine is a compound that has been heavily touted recently as the "cure" for osteoarthritis.   There is no cure for osteoarthritis. But, recent scientific studies have shown that glucosamine  sulfate and glucosamine hydrochloride have assisted in rebuilding cartilage, slowing the progression of osteoarthritis, and easing pain without the side effects of COX-2 inhibitors or NSAIDS.

While there are almost no side effects of glucosamine, here's what you need to know:

Synflex (Syn-Flex) Liquid Glucosamine For Osteoarthritis relief.

We recommend Synflex 
(Syn-flex) liquid glucosamine 
for effective osteoarthritis pain 

If you are allergic to shellfish, consult your doctor before deciding to take glucosamine. In most cases, however, allergies are caused by proteins in shellfish, not chitin, a carbohydrate from which glucosamine is extracted. Furthermore, there is no crossover between the acid derived chitin from shells and the antigens that cause shellfish allergies since the acid process required to leach the chitin from the shell strips away the carbohydrate side chains that would be antigenic. In other words, it should be safe for someone with an allergy to iodine or shellfish to take glucosamine. However, if you  notice any reaction, consult with your doctor.


Women who are pregnant and women who could become pregnant should not take these supplements. They have not been studied long enough to 
determine their effects on a child or on a developing fetus.

Glucosamine sulfate or glucosamine hydrochloride may increase the risk of developing insulin resistance and could decrease the metabolic actions of 
insulin. Although glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are biochemically classed as carbohydrates (sugars), the body is not able to break them down 
into glucose, so these compounds do not raise blood sugar by providing an additional source of glucose. However, many factors can affect insulin 
secretion and blood glucose levels in diabetic patients, and we recommend that individuals with diabetes check their blood glucose levels frequently 
when initiating glucosamine into their regimen.

High dosages of glucosamine may cause gastric problems, nausea , diarrhea, indigestion, and heartburn. Glucosamine should be taken with meals to 
help avoid these problems.
Overall, however, there are very few side effects of glucosamine. Glucosamine is very safe in comparison to the side effects of COX-2 inhibitors like 
Celebrex, Vioxx or NSAIDs like Aleve, aspirin, and ibuprofen.

The side effects of COX-2 Inhibitors and NSAIDS are many. They are associated with stomach ulcers, liver damage, heart attacks, and strokes. While 
they do provide some pain relief, they do little to fight the actual disease itself and slow its progression. This is where glucosamine and chondroitin 
come in.

Essentially, you have two options when it comes to ending osteoarthritis pain. Choice one is to take drugs with severe side effects that will not stop the 
disease. Choice two is to take a natural supplement that has very few side effects that eases pain quickly and fights the disease of osteoarthritis, often 
slowing its progression. This decision is easy. The problem is that many glucosamine products out there are low-quality, in pill form, and are not as 
effective as they could be.


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